Like a long afternoon that seems caught deliciously between day and dusk, where the air takes on a honeyed light and your body moves slowly, liquidly like melted toffee, nude is a taste that gently lingers. Nude embodies this sense of quiet fullness: it's elegant and beautiful without being showy; sophisticated without being cold; understated but far from unnoticeable. It carries with it a residue of an indefinable memory, making it a bit nostalgic too! - Lin Murray

The first wedding of the season kickoff! And what a bang! Words are not enough to describe the emotions told by the awesome photography done by Wrensch Lombard! This magical wedding took place at De Uijlenes. What started as a walk down the aisle in the forest ended as vows being said in front of the fireplace, but rain could not stop the energy in the atmosphere! In fact, it had the exact opposite effect and I think the photos testify of just that! I cherish every moment spent with you my friend :)


Lindie01 Lindie02 Lindie03 Lindie04 Lindie05 Lindie06 Lindie07 Lindie09 Lindie10 Lindie11

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